How To See Spotify Wrapped On Pc

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How To See Spotify Wrapped On Pc. If you're curious, check to see if you received a notification email from the streaming service or simply type spotify wrapped into google and click on the link, which could bring you to your results. From there, tap “see how you listened in 2021,” and let the fun begin.

How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020
How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020 from

On a desktop, you can go to and click start to view the overall roundup. On your ios or android phone, head to, which will open wrapped inside the spotify app. It is very simple to access your 2021 spotify wrapped.

It Will Appear Near The Top Of The Home Screen And Usually In The Playlists Section.

Is there anyway to see it on. I remember that wrapped used to be available from everywhere (i think i still have screenshots of the web version of my 2019 wrapped). You can view it on your computer desktop or on an app.

If You Want To See Your Personal Spotify Wrapped You'll.

How to share your spotify wrapped. In the sequence, scroll down the page until you find the your 2021 wrapped option. To access your wrapped playlist, tap the “your 2021 wrapped” banner on the main screen.

How To Access Spotify Wrapped 2020 Browser Or Desktop App.

From the dropdown list that appears, click on “profile” to access your spotify profile. If you’re using the spotify app on your phone, you’ll see a share button at the bottom of each slide. Open the spotify app and tap the your wrapped is here box.

I'm Not Sure Why Spotify Has Felt The Need To Shift Priority Away From Desktop, But It's Been Kind Of Sad To See As Someone Who Primarily Uses The Desktop Version Of The App.

Tap see how you listened in 2021 to. Those who want to view wrapped on the spotify app can click “browse” and then view the info under 2020 can also search “2020 wrapped” in the mobile app and find it that way. This will bring you to the wrapped 2021 landing page.

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If it doesn’t greet you when opening the app, you can search for “spotify:special:2021” from the search tab. How to find your spotify wrapped 2021 share. If you want to show some parts of your wrapped to your friends or share it on social media, it’s easy to do so.

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