Best Operators R6 Tier List

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Best Operators R6 Tier List. Also idk bout monty being that high, he is just a human drone fr that's it. The content includes a comprehensive review for each operator including strengths and weaknesses as well as tips on how to best use them.

my operator video tier list Rainbow6
my operator video tier list Rainbow6 from

They have a good balance of utility, survivability, and stopping power. R6 is a constantly evolving game, and the meta is always shifting. One of these operators should always be on your list.

I Only Started Playing R6 Like 4 Days Ago, So Only Been Playing Unranked So.

Warden, oryx, castle, caveira, doc, rook Introduction and archetype philosophy update when this tier list was first created 2 years ago, it prioritized comparisons within archetypes. His eyenox visor is the most efficient way to instantly know if a defender is lurking nearby.

The Tiers Depend On The Popularity, Ban, And Win Rate Of Each Character.

At a high level of play, it’s never a bad idea to have these operators around. Pulse, tachanka, kapkan, alibi, ela; The article has been updated to include all operators from season 1 and 2.

Operator Tier List Every Season.

Best defenders tier list summary. R6 tier list is an article that contains a ranking of the different operators in the game rainbow six siege. This tier list is based on the official pick and ban rate data of each operator shared periodically by ubisoft.

Best R6 Operators Tier List.

Bandit, vigil, lesion, frost, echo, castle, maestro, kapkan, clash, thorn; One of these operators should always be on your list. Top 15 r6 best operators that are overpowered.

Operators Tier List Y5S3 Rrainbow6.

The following operators are, in their current slate, far from the best options when it comes to taking on the archaeans in rainbow six extraction. The latest graphs published provide statistics on year 6 season 1. The rainbow six siege tier list splits the operators in five tiers based on their success at platinum, diamond, and above.

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