Best La Croix Flavor With Vodka

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Best La Croix Flavor With Vodka. Then add whatever flavor of la croix. ⑧ lacroix orange + lillet.

Best La Croix Flavor With Vodka win sec
Best La Croix Flavor With Vodka win sec from

Citrusy gin will play up the flavor of lacroix’s grapefruit seltzer. ⑧ lacroix orange + lillet. The best alcohols to pair with your favorite lacroix flavors ① lacroix peach pear + tequila.

Lemon La Croix Is Better Than Any Lemon Water You’ve Ever Had.

Two shots or two of your choice of whiskey (i prefer jameson), a dash of sour mix, and cherry lime flavored la croix to tie it together. To flavor a glass of sparkling water with fresh fruit and herbs: Best la croix flavor with vodka share.

② Lacroix Tangerine + Limoncello.

③ lacroix berry + red wine. ⑤ lacroix grapefruit + campari. By tasting table staff / aug.

④ Lacroix Lemon + Lemon Vodka.

Add ice, then pour in sparkling water to the top. The key to this is pouring 1 shot of vodka into a glass filled to the brim with ice. Home » croix » vodka » wallpaper » with » best la croix flavor with vodka.

What Alcohol Mixes Best With La Croix?

Lemon or lime juice adding a splash of citrus juice to your vodka will give it a new lease on life. Peach pear lacroix + cognac Stir gently to combine flavors.

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② lacroix tangerine + limoncello. ⑦ lacroix coconut + rum. To answer your question, we happily tasted 21 flavors of lacroix’s sparkling water drinks and ranked them all below.

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